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244 Fifth Ave Suite 237
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Owning a restaurant is much more than offering delicious food. People go to restaurants for the experience. So many things go into creating a unique experience, including friendly waitstaff, exceptional five star service, delectable food, and exquisite plating. With so many restaurants in any one given city, how to you ensure that your restaurant stands out from the crowd?

Many things go into creating a restaurant you must have great delectable, exquisite plating and the restaurant decor must speak comfy ,unique, vip element

Create an atmosphere that your customers will never forget as they eat. 

Bezalel Decor has the exclusive decor for your restaurant needs.  From  elegant, to exotic, to classical to vintage to unique accessories Bezalel Decor offers gorgeous and one of a kind table linens, silverwares, curtains, rugs, napkins, exquisite napkin rings, vases and art that make a significant impact on the overall atmosphere of your restaurant; you can use them for decorating your main and side tables, or display them underneath a glass cutout.