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Let your bridal shower and wedding decor have the spirit and vision of cosmopolitan elegance, VIP TREATMENT, BREATHTAKING sophistication, and perfection! 

Your bridal shower and your wedding are two of the most significant moments of your life. They symbolize the start of a new chapter . . . the pledge of love and commitment between you and your soul mate.  You want to evoke the feeling of love and excitement you feel about your nuptials and ensure they leave with unforgettable memories!

At Bezalel Decor, we can help give a cosmopolitan energy and style for your wedding, your bridal shower and your reception. Treat yourself to A VIP Treatment with our exclusive crafted designs.  Whether it's your wedding, your bridal shower, or your reception we will turn your fabulous special day into your fairytale fantasy filled with Swarovski crystals, diamonds, pearls, gems, flowers, exquisite and lavishing table cloths and linens, soft and plush decorative pillows and seats, sophisticated decorated glasses and beautifully polished  napkins and napkin rings.  Bezalel Decor can design custom designs for you to express you and your loved ones inimitably special personality and capture the love and excitement of your special day.

Whether you have chosen a vivid, eye-catching, bright theme look with purples, or pink or reds or if you choose a theme look with glistening, glittering golds or if you want flattering earthy colors or if you choose a classical look and theme with shimmering whites and ivories or a classic black and white theme look we here at Bezalel Decor can design and provide that cosmopolitan vogue look that will give you the perfect finishing touch. 

When you need your wedding decor or bridal shower to communicate elegance, cosmopolitan, modern or classical sophistication, and perfection to your guests, choose Bezalel Decor for luxury and exquisite designs that will give you and your guest that royal VIP treatment and energy.  

Let your bridal shower and wedding decor have the spirit and vision of cosmopolitan elegance, VIP treatment, breathtaking sophistication, and perfection!